Whitby Company Of Archers

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Weekly shooting dates 2018!

Indoors at Spa pavilion Every Wednesday Last (indoor shoot 4th April)

Tuesday 10th April until 11th September - every Tuesday outdoors on Eskdale School Field (Thursdays Also available if people wish to organise)
Wednesday  19th September  to   19th December     every week  Indoors at the SPA
No Archery 26th December 2018 and 2nd January 2019

Wednesday 9th January 2019   to April 2019   every week indoors at the SPA

Special Event dates 2018!

Sunday 18th March           Club Field Shoot Pond Farm (10am start)
Wednesday 28th March     Easter Fun Shoot   SPA
Thursday 10th May             WHISH at Eskdale
Saturday 19th May             Guisborough Priory  Have - a - Go
Thursday 24th May            WHISH  at  Eskdale
Monday 28th May              Danby  Have - a - Go
Sunday 10th June               Wolfshead Field Shoot
Sunday 17th June               Club Field Shoot   and   BBQ     TBC
Sunday 22nd July              Danby  Have - a - Go (Parkfest weekend also )
Thursday 26th July            RAF Fylingdales  Have - a - Go
Wednesday 22nd August    Sneaton Castle  Have - a - Go
Monday 27th August         Danby Have - a - Go
Sunday 2nd September        Wolfshead Field Shoot
Sunday  ?TBC  September     Guisborough Forest Festival Have - a - Go    
Sunday  ?TBC September      Club Field Shoot    
Wednesday  10th October   AGM
Wednesday 31st October     Halloween Fun Shoot  SPA
Sunday  9th December        Christmas Meal   TBC
Wednesday 19th December   Xmas Fun Shoot   SPA
Friday / Saturday  28th / 29th  December  `Frostbite` Field Shoot    TBC