Whitby Company Of Archers

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Welcome to Whitby Company Of Archers!

W.C.O.A is a small Archery club based in the picturesque fishing town of Whitby, North Yorkshire.

The club caters to all aspects of archery Such as Indoor / outdoor target shooting and 3d field shooting..

All bow types are welcome, Including Compound, Recurve, Longbow, Flat bow etc. 

As well as providing training and promoting the sport of archery in the Whitby area we also hold several field archery competitions in conjunction with Wolfshead Field Archers each year.

We also undertake a number of ‘have-a-go’ Noticeboard, where members of the public can try their hand at archery - see the 'Events' page for more details.

The Club is registered with Archery GB as well as supporting the British Longbow society (BLBS) and the National Field Archery Society (NFAS).

W.C.O.A currently boasts some 34 adult members plus 11 or so Junior members. It is also worth mentioning that Archery is a sport for all people from all walks of life. The club members occupations range from farmers, factory workers, joiners, hotel manager, butchers and so on. The Club not only target shoots but also has access to excellent field shooting facilities that are used weekly by the members.

Club History

One of the smallest clubs in Britain Whitby Company of Archers was formed around 1974 by the some
of the shooters from Whitby rifle club.

The founding members were John Tindale and Brian Askew. John remained an active shooting member for
some years and was club chairman from then until 1997. 

In 1992 the club presented John with a sword and made him an honoree life member. Paul Cromack joined the club about 1974/5 and remains a highly active member to this day. Paul has been shooting since he was a boy and has used all formats of archery in his time but prefers the skill of longbow archery these days.

Dave Edwards (now deceased) was the club coach, along with his wife Joan were the secretary and treasurer
for ten years. They represented the club at many competitions and gained a reputation of excellence. They were
asked to join the Royal Toxophalist Society. This is the oldest club and you join by invite only.

One of the clubs present claim to fame is the fact that Kath Nellis (Now retired) was Yorkshire Champion in
1996 and 1999 ranked 6th in Britain. As well as Paul Cromack winning a number of trophies Phyllis Walker is a renown shot and has a number of tournaments trophies to her credit thus gaining a good competitive grounding for the club. SInce then Ced Marr made his mark in the longbow section.

The Club also gaining a name for putting on good interesting field shoots (see special events via 'notice board').


Have-A-Go Hire

The Whitby Company Of Archers has an excellent reputation for it's "have-a-go" archery events, which allow members of the public to try their hand at archery. The club provides all equipment, basic training and supervision. This includes exhibits of different types of bows, arrows, costumes and tools used to produce Traditional English Longbows and arrows. 

A number of Historians are on hand to expand on the exhibits history and how they would have been used and when.

As an alternative to conventional targets visitors can try their hand at the Sheriff of Nottinghams Castle, with various characters waiting to be shot from the ramparts! 

We can also cater for Corporate events. (For Further information contact Jonathan Taylor)